6.C on Harry Potter

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6.C on Harry Potter by Mind Map: 6.C on Harry Potter

1. Harry Potter have a owl

2. And the owl is White

3. harry potter has a

4. he is like an wizard

5. he has round glasses

5.1. Yes and cool glases

6. He has friends.

7. Harry Potter is one of the best wizards in his World. His parents are dead, they died by the most evil wizard colled Voldemort/you now how. He killed all people there were coming in his way. Harry Potter ditten now that he was a wizard, untill he got a letter by the school colt Hogwarts, that is a school for wizards and witches. On the school Harry Potter have 2 friends called

8. He dont have parents

9. he has a wand.

10. He is going on a school called Hogwarts

11. he has a lighthing on he´s forhead

12. He has a wand

12.1. Yes and the wand is made of Wood

13. Hes friend is Ron weasley

14. He has brown hair

15. He is going on the

16. He is verry good at magic

17. Harry Potter has a lightning in his forehead. He has a friend called Hermione and she is a girl. He has also a friend called Ron. They go on a school called Hogwarts.

18. He has a lightning in hes forhead.

18.1. Yes and the lightning is black

19. Harry potter is a big wizard in the wizard world he once survived an attack from a evil wizard who is called Voldemort

20. he can fly

21. His parents is dead so he was living with his uncle

22. he is good at magic

23. Harry Potter has no family

24. Harry Potter is a fortunate 11 yaer old boy who found him selv as a wizard. on his first year at Hogworts he found out that one of his teachers was in contact with the murderer Voldemort. In his 2 year at Hogwarts a big snake brake fri an turnt people to stone. The snake is actual a basilisk. On his 3 year one of his

25. He has a lightning in his forehead

26. He name is Harry Potter