Ubuntu Contributionism Village/Project

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Ubuntu Contributionism Village/Project by Mind Map: Ubuntu Contributionism Village/Project

1. Housing

2. Food Supply

3. Water Supply

3.1. Solutions to Keep Water From Freezing?

3.2. For water supply solutions, see Alosha Lynov at www.bioveda.ru

4. Energy Supply

5. Legal/Business Structure

5.1. Contributors/Workers Work Only 3 Hours Per Week

5.1.1. As a Project Manager, how do you manage a contributor workforce that only works three hours per week? Compared to a conventional business, it seems you'll need about 13 times the number of workers/contributors.

5.2. Profit Sharing

5.2.1. 1/3 Profits to Investor

5.2.2. 1/3 Profits to Contributors

5.2.3. 1/3 Profits to Other Projects Can this profit be used to reinvest in this project, or must it be used for a different project? The people of the town or village in which the land resides?

5.3. Entity Ownership Structure

5.3.1. Are contributors/workers owners, or are they only entitled to a profit share?

5.3.2. Should the Ubuntu Project/Community be a Not-For-Profit entity? While non-profit sounds philosophically preferable, a profitable structure will rapidly increase adoption by others with the ultimate goal of eliminating the need for money.

5.3.3. How is Land Ownership Handled? Who owns the land?

5.3.4. How do we handle the transient nature of contributors with respect to ownership/profit sharing matters? E.g., since people may come into and leave Ubuntu communities at any time, how do we handle sharing resources with them as they come and go? Looks like North Frontenac community is using a point system