Article 1: God’s Original Plan: A Just Community & Social Justice Principles Found in the Creati...

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Article 1: God’s Original Plan: A Just Community & Social Justice Principles Found in the Creation Account by Mind Map: Article 1: God’s Original Plan: A  Just Community & Social Justice Principles Found in the Creation Account

1. Original Sin: the injured human nature that is given to all people because of Adam and Eve’s first sin

2. Article 1

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2.2. There have been more then 20 documented genocides during the last century This has resulted in the death of more then 20 million people

2.3. Genocide is the killing of one Ethic group by another in an attempt to whip them out The people being killed might be labeled as enemies or a social problem by the aggressors. Despite the excuse, God creates every person in his own image.

2.4. Creation accounts in the first chapters of the Book of Genesis reveal important truths about the role justice plays in God’s plan for human beings.

2.5. 1st truth- god gave human beings a share in his divine life. Throught this we are made unique human beings and have equal value to everyone else.

2.6. 2nd truth- the Creation accounts is that human beings are religious beings. We were created to live in communion with God.

2.7. 3nd truth- Creation accounts is that God created human beings to live in loving communion with one another. The cathecchism expresses how they need people to live in communion with each other.

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2.8. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they did not respect the truths about justice revealed in the Creation accounts

2.9. God second creation was women, The creation of Eve from one of Adam’s ribs symbolizes the intimate connection that should exist between human beings as part of God’s plan.

2.10. By sinning, Adam and Eve did not live out a relationship based in love, and they did not work together for their common good. Adam and eve lost their state of original holiness and justice. We were given original sin, making us weaker as powers.

2.11. Genesis tells us about the relationship of Adam and Eve’s sons, Cain and Abel which shows us jealousy. Cain was unwilling to recognize that both he and Abel shared in God’s life

2.12. Genesis goes on to describe how generations went by and human beings and their sins multiplied—until we get to Noah truth: the loss of our original holiness and justice can easily lead to evil and corrupt societies.

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3. Just Community & Social Justice Principles Found in the

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3.2. From original sin we are effected with ignorance, suffering and death and is very hard to resist sin.

3.3. Examples : the first murder by Cain killing Able, and Noah saving his family and 2 of each animal on an arc when God destroys the world for its sinful ways From Noah’s story we learn God’s salvation is still with those who remember God and stick to his original plan.

3.4. 4 Social Justice principles found in creation

3.4.1. 1. Each human life has great worth and must be protected. We must promote values that emphasize the inherent worth of each individual.

3.4.2. 2. As human beings we cannot find the happiness we long for by pursuing things that do not lead to God

3.4.3. 3. God intends that human beings form communities of love and justice to work together for the common good.