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Freedom Writers, how were the characters personality's created? by Mind Map: Freedom Writers, how were the characters personality's created?
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Freedom Writers, how were the characters personality's created?

Two characters personalities will be discussed in depth in this mind map. These are the characters of Eva and Erin.



Eva had most of her needs meet however not in a productive and healthy way. Her need for belongingness was found in her father’s gang. This altered her personality to cause her to believe it was ok what they did, the fighting and killing and to be unable to fully understand what kind of consequences this could have. She grew to be unable to understand right from wrong.


It shows in Erin’s drive to teach the kids, that as a child she received from her father everything Maslow believed she needed. Which ultimately lead to her self-actualization of wanting to become a teacher, as she says in the beginning of the movie "The battle is already lost once you reach the court room, the real fighting begins in the classroom" (not direct)

Self Efficacy

Is the ablilty to control impulses and delayed gratification


Erin has a high self-efficacy which was created from her father’s constant encouragement and love. She believes that she can help the kids in her class if she tries hard enough.  


She has low self-efficacy because she has been unable to develop all other parts of her self-esteem properly. This is because she never received positive influences and role models.


Kicked out of his home because of his gang live, Marcus was given back an opportunity for nurture, as Mrs. Gruwell taught them there is more to life then gangs.


Humanism is the idea that all people start off good and will want to do well, until something causes that to change.

Carl Rogers

He believed that people need three conditions for growth and fulfillment; 1) Genuineness 2) Acceptance 3) Empathy  


the psycodynamic theory was created by sigmond freud, it entails the idea that personality is created form past events. mostly ones steming from childhood.

Defense Mechanisms

There are a variety of defense mechanisms that people will use to help them cope with traumas in their lives.

Psychosexual Stages

There are 5 stages that Freud believes children went through. He said that a child can become stuck in a certain stage if they received to much or not enough care during it.

Id, Superego, Ego

These are three stages of the mind which each develop during different stages of childhood.

Iceburge Theroy

The theory that our mind is divided into 3 sections only one of which a person is aware of.

Social Cognitive

The social cognitive theory created by Albert Bandura is built on the idea that biological influences, psychological influences and personality, are all interrelated to create an outcome in any situation.

Locus of Control

There are two different locus's of control 1) Internal: the perception that you control your one fate 2) External: the perception that chance or outside forces beyond your personal control determine your fate.  

Reciprocal Determinism

Is the interacting influences of behavior, internal cognition, and environment.


Is the idea that behaviours can be learned and taught, through different methods.


This is the idea of reinforcement and punishment in order to train a new behaviour.


Is the process of using an unconditioned response to create a neutral response which then creates a conditioned response.


Observational learning consideres 4 processes 1. Attention 2. Retention 3. Reproductive 4. Motivation