Ashley Ramos Smart Phones

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Ashley Ramos Smart Phones by Mind Map: Ashley Ramos Smart Phones

1. Processors

1.1. amd

1.2. Intel

1.3. arm

2. Carriers

2.1. T-Mobile

2.1.1. BlackBerry 9780 Pro: Sync easily with other devices Con: not many applications compatible with this model yet Features: Wi-Fi Version(s): 802.11 b,g GPS / Location Type: A-GPS supports LBS / includes BlackBerry Maps

2.2. Sprint

2.2.1. HTC EVO Shift 4G PRO: Great HTC widgets, apps and shortcuts, Android 2.2, flashlight feature, fm radio, voicemail over bluetooth, headphone jack. Built in battery meter under settings about phone works perfect. Great camera, great video. CON:No file explorer but AndExplore easily downloaded from the app store works fine. Volume buttons were always getting hit but you must get used to them because I don't really hit them any longer. Power button takes some getting used to also, it is not at the edge of the phone like most and it is at an angle, features:WAP / Web Browser Browser Software: Android browser (WebKit-based) High-Speed Data Technology: WiMAX plus EVDO Rev. A

2.3. AT&T

2.3.1. HTC Freestyle PRO:- Attractive - Takes very good pictures - Large selection of ring and alert tones - Amazing responsive touch screen CON:- No text message settings, you have to delete messages one by one which is annoying. - Makes a noise to let you know that your message has sent successfully, which could be good but I find it rather annoying. Features:USB Version: 2.0 High Speed supports mass storage mode Camera Resolution: 3+ megapixel fixed-focus / digital zoom, spot metering, brightness, contrast, white balance, timer functions

2.4. Verizon

2.4.1. HTC ThunderBolt PRO:Web access. Great to open several pages. And to go back & forth between them. Saves a lot of time. Copy & past works great. Flash player, big improvement. Adobe reader is great to. Love being on the phone, and finishing up paper work. Great for us multi tankers. CON:Occasionaly my web access turns itself off. Not WiFi, but mobile access. Features:High-Speed Data Technology: LTE plus CDMA EV-DO rA


4. I honestly don't know which phone i would choose i do not like complicated phones but if i had to choose i would go with the HTC EVO Shift 4g it just seems more my speed and less complicated then others

5. Operating Systems

5.1. Andriod

5.1.1. Opera Mini

5.1.2. FoxFire

5.1.3. SkyFire

5.2. Rim

5.2.1. Opera Mini Browser Browsers

5.2.2. Bolt 2.5

5.3. IOS

5.3.1. Web Out

5.3.2. Skyfire

5.3.3. Switch

5.3.4. Safari

5.4. Symbian

5.4.1. Snaptu

5.4.2. Opera Mobile for Symbian