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Fix Jira Problems by Mind Map: Fix Jira Problems
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Fix Jira Problems

improve functionality

4.3 upgrade

GreenHopper Plugin, agile support, kanban support

filters, project role sharing, pull sharing

change active workflows

filters, query language


project role sharing

pull sharing

reduce risk of system failure

review all exceptions

review workflows

out the memory hog

switch to SqlServer?

review httpd connector

entirely remove burden from current Jira Admins

by defining roles

in, Project teams, trained project administrators, Operations, Jira Administrator, educates others about, Workflow, Custom Field Types, Screens, coordinates upgrades, owns code, RightNow integration, SOAP custom plugin, Platform custom plugins, has customers, Services, Development, trains, though this can be outsourced, maintenance, rolls out changes, server side, client side, approves all changes, log monitoring, Information Technology, Help Desk, user and group management, IT Infrastructure, keep servers running

reduce burden on Jira Admins

lower overhead to changes

rewrite RightNow integration with persistent message queuing

reduce our custom plugins