Building Digital Capability Project

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Building Digital Capability Project by Mind Map: Building Digital Capability Project

1. Stakeholders

1.1. APS

1.1.1. Delivery Partners BoM DTA ICT Procurement Review Strategy Digital Market Place ICT Skills DIMO Dashboard APSC Training Vendors (Internal To APS)

1.1.2. Decision Makers DIO

2. Subject Matter Experts

2.1. APS

2.1.1. DTA Capability Leads Guides

2.1.2. Other Government Jurisdictions

2.1.3. Agencies/Departments Learning & Development Work Force Planners Pay & Renumeration ICT/Digital Line Delivery Managers Recruitment and Selection

2.2. Digital Thought Leaders

2.2.1. Employees Agile Delivery Product Management Delivery Management Program Management Design Interaction Design Service Design User Research Business / Org Design Content Data Development Technical Architecture Business Analysis FED/BED Quality Assurance / Testing Secuirty

2.2.2. Business Small Medium Enterprise Training Vendors Agencies Technology Vendors Consultancies Startups Process Vendors Enterprise Consultancy Private Enterprise

2.2.3. Academica

2.2.4. Other Governments

3. End Users

3.1. APS

3.1.1. Agencies/Departments

3.1.2. CIO Forum

3.1.3. SES

3.2. Potential Workforce

3.2.1. Tertiary

3.2.2. Digital Communities

3.2.3. School Leavers

3.2.4. Digital Thought Leaders Employees People currently in the Public Service People who are no longer in the Public Service People who have never worked in the public service Agile Delivery Design Content Data Development Secuirty Business Small Medium Enterprise Enterprise Training Vendors Technology Vendors Process Vendors Academica Other Governments