IM Training Cohort Week 1

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IM Training Cohort Week 1 by Mind Map: IM Training Cohort Week 1

1. week 1 topics

1.1. IM


1.1.2. IM v SM scrum cert and who is worth doing it with

1.1.3. role comparison[email protected]

1.2. Top 10 Soft-Skills


1.3. Agile Attitude Continuum


1.4. Agile

1.4.1. direction, focus, execution

1.4.2. attitude/mindset/ethos

2. admin

2.1. topics


2.2. assignments


2.3. assessment


2.4. top challenges showcase


2.5. survey results

2.5.1. why survey?

2.5.2. 15 responses so far IM Training Cohort Aug 2017 -- Questionnaire Survey

2.5.3. I will reveal results at 20 response mark...

2.5.4. taster: your top challenges Challenge 1 Scaling agile for a rapidly increasing domain Challenge 2 Meaningful reporting Challenge 3 Standardised practices Challenge 1 How to scale agile across multiple teams working on the same initiative Challenge 2 How to get managment out of the view of having Story Point "targets" for iterations Challenge 1 No product owner Challenge 2 Range of stakeholders with big variations in knowledge of our function and processes Challenge 3 Scope of work that is expected from our team Challenge 1 People management Challenge 2 Keeping contet in agile ceremonies Challenge 3 Reporting in a lightweight fashion Challenge 1 Working with offshore partners team where timezone difference is a big challenge Challenge 2 Working DevOps Challenge 3 Understand team velocity Challenge 1 Supply and demand Challenge 2 remote collaboration Challenge 3 Email and time management Challenge 1 Communication in the sense that people say they understand when they don't just to save face Challenge 2 Constantly changing scope - difficult for the teams to juggle priorities Challenge 1 Understanding the scope of my role. Challenge 2 Reconciling multiple streams of work. Challenge 1 Not overcommitting work in an iteration yet ensuring every team member has work and an opportunity to use their knowledge. Challenge 2 Team members feeling that the process blocks them from bringing in work mid iteration. Challenge 1 Ceremony attendance Challenge 2 Forecasting and cadence Challenge 3 DoR/DoD when team self creates cards Challenge 1 Coaching over directing Challenge 2 Resourcing and prioritisation Challenge 3 Hand offs / External dependencies Challenge 1 Engineers complaining that agile just "doesn't work" in infrastructure. While they don't try and plan their work properly, no methodology will ever work. Challenge 2 Task vs Value based work Challenge 1 Balancing the coaching aspect of Team vs Agile community work for our domain Challenge 2 Demands received from delivery managers Challenge 3 Keeping the motivation going in the team when there is a lot of people movement in the domain Challenge 1 Team engagement in ceromonies Challenge 2 Clear pipeline of work Challenge 3 Relevance of ceromonies when sort of working in silos Challenge 1 Squads who have an agile way of working but seem to go through the motions with agile ceremonies and have lost the reason why we things Challenge 2 Balancing planned and unplanned work along with changing priorities Challenge 3 Estimation - getting the team to estimate effectively

2.6. laundry list

2.6.1. We want one from each of you!

2.6.2. what is it? not a to do list rather it provides challenges prioritised into Now, Next, Later buckets lightweight backlog

2.7. recording sessions

2.8. next week timeslot?

2.8.1. Sarah's Brisvegas townhall is Tues 10-11:30am

2.8.2. Shane to perform some magic to find a new timeslot...

2.9. IM capability pathway


2.10. questions?

2.10.1. please ping Shane