Knowledge Center By: Mehran Nejati

This is a virtual knowledge center where I share some helpful knowledge with researchers and colleagues from around the globe.

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Knowledge Center By: Mehran Nejati by Mind Map: Knowledge Center By: Mehran Nejati

1. My Publications

1.1. E-government and empowerment

1.2. Corporate Social Responsibility in Auto Industry: an Iranian Perspective

1.3. Quality Enhancement in Medical Education

1.4. Service quality at University of Tehran Central Library

1.5. Ranking Airlines’ Service Quality Factors Using a Fuzzy Approach: Study of the Iranian Society

1.6. Corporate Social Responsibility and SMEs: Exploratory Study on Motivations from Malaysian Perspective

1.7. Students’ Ethical Behaviour in Iran

1.8. Attitudes towards business ethics: a cross-cultural comparison of students in Iran and Malaysia

1.9. Board Structure and Extent of Corporate Governance Statement

1.10. Teamwork Approach: An Investigation on Iranian Teamwork Attitudes

1.11. Work Values in an Iranian Context

1.12. Corporate social responsibility and universities: A study of top 10 world universities

1.13. Prioritizing Higher Education Balanced Scorecard Performance Indicators Using Fuzzy Approach in an Iranian Context