partygame 2D topdown

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partygame 2D topdown by Mind Map: partygame 2D topdown

1. menu ui

1.1. host game

1.1.1. invite invite popup to the invited player accept invitation

1.2. optios

1.2.1. change control scheme joysticks top/bottom buttons left/right

1.2.2. sound

1.2.3. vibrations

1.2.4. colorblind

1.2.5. player name change

1.3. find game?

2. skills

2.1. fireball

2.1.1. button top left (left one) round button with flames

2.1.2. after clicking button tap on the screen towards where you wish to shoot or drag from the button to the direction you wish to shoot

2.1.3. cd as little bar under the button

2.2. push

2.2.1. button top left (right one) round button with a wind illustration

2.2.2. an aura of force released from the players position

2.2.3. cd as a little bar under the button

3. movement

3.1. virtual joystick on top right (default, can be repositioned in options)

4. playzone

4.1. playzone edge

4.1.1. bright color

4.2. instakill? drains health?

5. status ui

5.1. health bar

5.1.1. numbers?

5.1.2. bar?

5.1.3. placement top middle of screen (default can be repositioned in options)

6. scoreboard

6.1. after each match points are awarded

6.2. after each match the players see their ranking

7. menu during game

7.1. leader may pause the game

8. you died screen

8.1. button to view current ranking of players

8.2. spectate the rest of the match

9. ui visual style

9.1. simple, not too much detail since mobile

9.2. color scheme?

10. lobby screen

10.1. players names and avatars visible

10.2. ready up button

10.3. start game button for lobby leader once all players are ready