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coopSumoGameforMages by Mind Map: coopSumoGameforMages

1. Mechanics

1.1. Objective

1.1.1. Push others out of *Safe Zone*

1.2. Controls

1.2.1. Touch Control

1.3. Safe Zone

1.3.1. Where Players fight each other

1.3.2. If you go out or get pushed out you are out.

1.3.3. Gets smaller every ten seconds.

1.3.4. If Player touches hitbox, Player is out.

1.4. Player

1.4.1. Ability Fireball 1 Damage if hit Pushback Knocks a Player back by small range. Needs an item to use

1.4.2. Health Maximum of 10 HitPoints If below 0

1.5. Multiplayer Element

1.5.1. Local Bluetooth Maximum 4 Players

1.5.2. WIFI Connection Maximum 4 Players

2. Menu

2.1. Sign in Screen

2.1.1. Automatic through given credentials START SCREEN Matchmaking Settings Credits Terms n Service Agreement Achievements

2.2. Terms n Service Agreement

2.2.1. Accept Let´s Player through

2.2.2. Decline Puts Player back to Sign in Screen

3. Match

3.1. Control Buttons

3.1.1. Movement pad Joystick

3.1.2. Spell 1 Drag finger for line of fire

3.1.3. Spell 2 Drag finger for line of fire

3.2. Splash sprites/effects

3.2.1. Damage Damage to enemy Players

3.2.2. Announcements