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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Implementation

1.1. Includes training the trainer to facilitate course with same fidelity and intent as the Instructional Designer and preparing the learning environment for instruction.

1.1.1. Train the Trainer

1.1.2. Prepare the Learners

1.1.3. Arrange the Learning Experience

2. Design

2.1. Instruction is designed by first identifying the product that students will create to demonstrate learning, backwards planning mode of delivery, practice opportunities, and course structures.

2.1.1. Design End Task Assessment

2.1.2. Choose Course Format

2.1.3. Determine Instructional Strategies

3. Evaluation

3.1. This refers to an ongoing and cumulative assessment of ID effectiveness.

3.1.1. Points of Reflections & Feedback Clarity Impact Feasbility

3.1.2. Evaluation Types Formative Evaluation Summative Evaluation

3.1.3. Modes of Evaluation One on One (Interpersonal) Feedback Sample Group Sampling Field Trials

4. Development

4.1. An iterative creation of sample to "test" design hypothesis.

4.1.1. Create Program and Materials Sample

4.1.2. Solicit Feedback From Stakeholders/ Clients

4.1.3. Implement Feedback and Finish Design of Course Materials

4.1.4. Conduct Field Test and Session Walkthrough

5. Analysis

5.1. Learning goals and objectives are established based on learner and environmental analysis.

5.1.1. Institutional Analysis

5.1.2. Development of Instructional Goals

5.1.3. Instructional Analysis

5.1.4. Learner Analysis

5.1.5. Instructional Objectives