Unit 1. In the classroom

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Unit 1. In the classroom by Mind Map: Unit 1. In the classroom

1. Vocabulary

1.1. Say

1.2. Repeat

1.3. Sit down

1.4. Close

1.5. Point to

1.6. Open

1.7. Listen to

1.8. Stand up

2. Life stories

2.1. 1. Welcome to school. Tell me your frist name. 2. Please spell yout last name. 3.Complete the form. please print your address. 4. Write your telephone number on line 5. 5. Then write your email adress on line 4. 6. Please sign your name. Give me your form.

2.2. 1. What's your frist name? My frist name is Rosa. 2. What's your last name? Martinez 3. What's your adress? My adress is 33 Oak Strees, Apartment 6B 4. What's your telephone number? My telephone is (305) 555-9876 5. What's your email? My email is [email protected]

3. Grammar

3.1. 1. Tim Smith IS my teacher

3.2. 2. We ARE classmates

3.3. 3. I AM a student

3.4. 4. Maria and Tom ARE not my classmates

3.5. 5. You ARE not my partner

3.6. 6. It IS my pen

4. Everyday conversation

4.1. 1. A. Hi, i'm Jim. What's yout name? B. My name is Emma. A. Are you student? B. No, i'm a teacher. A. Oh, nice to meet you. B. Nice to meet you, too. Question 1: Who is Emma? She's a teacher.

4.2. 2. A. Hi, my name is Paul. B. It's nice to meet you. I'm Linda. A. Who's yout teacher? B. Ms. Jones A. She's my teacher, too! Question 2. Who is linda? She's a student

4.3. 3. A. I'm Kim. I'm student. B. Welcome to school. Please complete the form A. Excuse me. Who's my teacher? B. Mr. Diaz. A. Thanks. Question 3: Who is Kim? She's a student

4.4. 4. A. Hi, David. B. Hi, Sara. How are you? A. Fine, thanks. And you? B. Fine. Who is your teacher- Mr. Diaz? A. No. My teacher is Ms. Peters. Question 4: Who are Mr. Diaz and Ms Peters? They are a husbands.

5. Real-life reading

5.1. How do we study English? My name is Rachid. Mr. Miller is my teacher. Chandra and Tran are my classmates. We are students at Freemont Adult School. How do we study English? Study every day. Speak English at home. Go to school. Ask classmates and teacher for help. Listen to English on the radio.