EDUC7102 Teaching Through Technology

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EDUC7102 Teaching Through Technology by Mind Map: EDUC7102 Teaching Through Technology

1. S.3 Digital Media Projects in Classroom: Digital Storytelling

1.1. In Classroom

1.1.1. Student Design rather than write Develop Digital Essays Express rather than reproduce Create rather than copy

1.2. Kinds

1.2.1. Charater Stories

1.2.2. Memorial Stories

1.2.3. About an event

1.2.4. About places in our lives

1.2.5. Other personal stories

1.3. Story Development

1.3.1. Select Topic

1.3.2. Conduct Research

1.3.3. Design Storyboards

1.3.4. Collect Materials

1.3.5. Develop Story

1.3.6. Export Video

1.3.7. Deliver Story

1.4. Tool

1.4.1. Blogger

1.4.2. Youtube

1.5. Photo Story

1.5.1. Microsoft


2. S.4 Planning Student centered Learning with Technology

2.1. Target Centered

2.1.1. Teacher centered Direct Teaching Memorizing Preparation for Exam

2.1.2. Student centered Student's Role Developing learning skills Teacher's Role Facilitator

2.2. Strategies

2.2.1. WebQuest

2.2.2. Active Lessons Planning Slides Resources Templates Component Audio Clips Embedding Object Question

3. S.5 Student as Designers

3.1. Digital Project

3.1.1. Tools PowerPoint Prezi Newnode Mindmap New node

3.2. Visual Representations

3.3. Learning Objects

4. S.2 Use Technology to support Teaching

4.1. Conceptual Issues

4.1.1. Teaching vs Learning

4.1.2. Teacher-centered vs Student-centered

4.1.3. Instructivist vs Constructivist

4.2. Harvesting

4.2.1. Traditional Searching Engines

4.2.2. Google

4.2.3. Beyond Google Wikipedia Sidirectory Quintura

4.3. Mashing

4.3.1. Mixing & Remixing existing resources Free Stuff for MS

4.4. Copyright

5. S.1 Introduction to Key Concetps and Issues

5.1. 20 Years Ego

5.1.1. No MP Player

5.1.2. No internet

5.1.3. No Windows

5.1.4. No many computers

5.1.5. No Digital Camera

5.2. E-Learning

5.2.1. What? Distance Learning Blended Learning Technology integration in classroom

5.2.2. Why? Teacher Effectiveness Learning of Subject Matter Development of New Literacies Digital Literacy Traditional Literacy Information Literacy Visual Literacy Critical Literacy Media Literacy Tool Literacy Empowering Research Activities

5.2.3. Critical issues Access Internet Access to Computers and Other Technologies Software Content and Institutional Repositories Pedagogical Design

5.2.4. Blog Tools WarBlog A Teacher Blogger (HK) Blogger

6. S.6 Social Networking Literacy, M-learning

6.1. MultiMedia Access Tool

6.2. Connectivity Tool

6.3. Capture Tool

6.4. Analytical Tool

6.5. Represtntational Tool