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Plants and Animals by Mind Map: Plants and Animals
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Plants and Animals

Follow the red line.  

1. Classification


Dichotomous keys


2. What makes something living?

Brainstorm to generate checklist

Powerpoint quiz

Voicethread - Students make

3. Invertebrates

Snail prac

Students look at living snails and consider how they move and avoid injury while moving. They also learn about some features of the snail's body and have some experience in identifying these features.

Snail dictagloss

1. Read out 'Dictagloss text - Snails' and have students sit and listen. 2. Read again. This time have students write down any words they found interesting or important. 3. Students share their words with their partners. 4. Brainstorm these words to create categories on the board. 5. Have students write a report under the headings: classification, characteristics, diet, habitat, geographic distribution, reproduction.

4. Vertebrates

New node

6. Project

7. Revision

8. Test

5. Plants