Psychology one vocabulary

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Psychology one vocabulary by Mind Map: Psychology one vocabulary

1. Vocabulary # 4

1.1. Realism

1.1.1. A POV that emphasizes the Importance of the senses in providing the knowledge of the external world

1.2. Scientists practitioner model

1.2.1. A model of training of professional psychologists that emphasizes the development of both research and clinical skills

1.3. Structuralism

1.3.1. A school of American psychology that sought to describe yo the elements of conscious experience

1.4. Tip of the tongue phenomenon

1.4.1. The inability to pull a word from memory ever thought there is the sensation that word is available

2. Vocabulary # 2

2.1. Flashbulb memory

2.1.1. A highly detailed and vivid memory of an emotional significant event

2.2. Functionalism

2.2.1. A school of American psychology that founded in the utility of consciousness

2.3. Gestalt psychology

2.3.1. An attempt to study the unity of experience

2.4. Individual differences

2.4.1. Ways in which people differ in terms of their behavior, emotion, cognition, and development.

2.5. Introspection

2.5.1. A method of focusing on internal processes

3. Vocabulary #3

3.1. Introspection

3.1.1. A method of focusing on internal processes

3.2. Neural impulse

3.2.1. An election chemical signal that enables neurons to communicate

3.3. Practitioner scholar model

3.3.1. A model of training of psychology odes duo also psychologist that emphasize clinical practice

3.4. Psychophysics

3.4.1. Study of the relationship between physical stimuli and the perception of those stimuli

3.5. New node

4. Vocabulary

4.1. Behaviorism

4.1.1. The study of behavior

4.2. Cognitive psychology

4.2.1. The study of mental process

4.3. Consciousness

4.3.1. Awareness of ourself and our environment

4.4. Empiricism

4.4.1. The belief that knowledge from experience

4.5. Eugenics

4.5.1. The practice of selective breeding to promote desire traits

5. Hawthorne effect

5.1. People act different then they are aware of being watched