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D.E.C.I.D.E by Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E

1. Defining the problem: Roommates are snoring on CWW while you are trying to sleep.

1.1. This Would effect my physical wellness with me not being able to get sleep.

1.1.1. On the other hand if I wake them up they wouldn't be able to get enough sleep. That could also lead to all of us being in the same boat.

1.1.2. They may also understand the situation from my point of view. That could lead to them still getting mad. They may be forgiving about the situation.

1.2. This would also effect my emotional wellness since a lack of sleep would mean that I would be snappy.

1.2.1. That Could Mean being yelled at by a teacher for not being able to stay postive even though it would already be hard being an intravert. This may also give the teacher a bad image of me and think that I am disrespectful and that may make them think I am a bad student. On the other hand they may understand my perspectives and respect me for respecting the other peoples needs.

1.2.2. I could wake them up but they may get mad at me. That could lead to getting the year of to a bad start and making a enemy or two at the start of the year.

1.2.3. They may also not get mad at me and understand the problem from my perspective. This would be against my own personal values though since I personaly wouldn't want to cause troble for them since I would see them everyday. I Think that this one would be the best one for me since it goes along with my belief of helping others over my own personal needs. I may also not be able to get enough sleep wich wouldn't benifit me from my point of view.