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Decide by Mind Map: Decide

1. Define the Problem

1.1. First we need to find out whats happening in this situation, a peer is bullying amongst you, which means one of your friends is bullying.

2. Explore the Alternatives

2.1. The alternatives in this situation are to let the bully keep on bullying which can make the victim have bad mental and social wellness, bullies usually pick on people with bad physical wellness. The other alternative is to be able to stand up to the bully or tell an adult.

3. Consider the Consequences

3.1. The consequences of letting the bully keep on bullying is to let the victim get injured which can worsen his physical wellness, also it can worsen the victims ability to socialise with others around him/her. If you stand up to the bully you can be the one to get bullied or you are able to stop him/her from bullying and that can improve your social and mental wellness allowing you to socialise with more people.

4. Identify your Values

4.1. Identify what you value the most, is it keeping your friend or is it helping someone in need, you can put yourselves into the victims shoes, that wouldn't feel good, but another value is your friend/peer, if you try and stop him it will cause losing a bad friend and gaining a good friend.

5. Decide and Act

5.1. Your best decision is to stop the peer from bullying the victim because while you are losing a friend, you are also making one by helping the victim. Bullying can also cause suicide therefore helping the victim can also save lives, the ways to help the victim is to tell an adult such as a teacher or a parent, or ask multiple people to stand up to the bully.

6. Evaluate the results

6.1. The results were by deciding to stand up to the bully, you made a new friend. You also saved someone's life. This just helped the victim by improving his social, mental, and spiritual wellness, allowing him to be more confident when communicating with other people.