Legalization of Marijuana

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Legalization of Marijuana by Mind Map: Legalization of Marijuana

1. Legalization means government control

1.1. The government is worried about recreational use of the current "drug" but if it is legalized it could be controlled in portions.

2. Marijuana can be a stepping stone

2.1. As a rebuttal, marijuana can be a gateway drug for those willing to experiment. However, it is a choice to use drugs beyond weed and therefore that is what should be a main issue of the legalization process.

3. Society views the "drug" in a bad connotation

3.1. Society is split: half view the drug as beneficial, while the other half view it as a bad substance because it originates as a drug

4. Legalization would decrease crime rate

4.1. There are much more cases regarding marijuana than there are concerning actual issues, legalization of the drug would significantly reduce crime rate.

5. There are more medical benefits than not

5.1. Marijuana is proven to relieve symptoms of many illnesses and diseases

6. It's safer than pharmaceuticals

6.1. Marijuana is a natural substance, I'm interested in how it offers more medical benefits than pharmaceuticals.

7. Humanities and Arts

7.1. The legalization of Marijuana connects to humanities because it has a lot to do with culture and the current millennium.

8. Social Sciences

8.1. There are many psychologists who study the effects marijuana has on people as a whole and individually.

9. Sciences

9.1. Scholars of natural sciences determine things through experimentation, there are experiments regarding the legalization of marijuana and its pros and cons.