Define The Problem: Someone is being bullied infront of your other peers.

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Define The Problem: Someone is being bullied infront of your other peers. by Mind Map: Define The Problem: Someone is being bullied infront of your other peers.

1. Usually whatever you there is always something that happens afterward. Even if you did it a long time ago, it will come up again and it will reflect on you for the rest of your life. It will be something that you regret. The bully: if somebody does come and speak up you could be put into jail, but there is always the principles and everyones views on you will change. The person being bullied: People will keep checking on you which could be a nice or bad things which ever way you see it.

2. Because of what is happening with you being bullied or being the bullied or even being a bystander. All of things things are going to have results to what they are going to become. If the bully is never resolved they are never going to learn their lesson and never going to change themselves so they will just keep doing what they are doing and hurting people. The person that is being bullied is just going to keep getting pushed around. They are just going to let things happen to them and by than they will start hating themselves which could go to suicide or depression on their part. Finally the bystanders will not be able to speak there voice or mind. Which will also lead to them getting in trouble.

3. With me being apart of a situation like this I would either not want to be apart of something like this, and when someone is not taking action you are going to be categorised later when this situation becomes a bigger problem. Or I would stand up which would be taking action all though this could end badly for you, you would be doing the right thing and standing up you might not think it is that big of a deal but it might mean more to another person.

4. When something like this happens you will soon enough have to act or decide what you are going to do. There are so many possible things to do. What I would do would probably not be very smart of me is that I would would be a bystander that would interrupt and say something to the bully for them to really realising what they are doing. I have had to deal with many things like this. People sometimes think that they are just joking around so they don't get involved no matter what you should say something. If they stop than you don't have to involve a adult or parent but if is something more serious you would have to but. Usually if I see that person doing something like that again is when I would inform a teacher or adult.

5. With people being around it might be hard to get out of the room. But if it is possible run out of the room and try and grab the nearest teacher. Or if you really couldn't do anything pull out your phone and record what is happening so than later on your own time you can show a teacher what is happening and so than the problem can be resolved. Even if people are going to call you a snitch because this is the world that we live in you have to figure out what is right and what is wrong because nothing is going to change unless you do something.

6. Explore The Alternatives:

7. Consider The Consequences:

8. Identify Your Values:

9. Decide And Act:

10. Evaluate The Results: