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05/02 - Classroom Management 1 by Mind Map: 05/02 - Classroom Management 1
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05/02 - Classroom Management 1

8 Features of Positive Learning Environment

Positive student-teacher relationships

Hard work valued

Teaching/learning in orderly manner

Learning valued as worthwhile and rewarding

High Standards of Achievement

Self-Esteem and Confidence

Development of "whole child" is important

Risk-taking in learning is encouraged

Developing a Classroom Management Plan

Decide on the type of behaviour you want

Establish guidelines for behaviour

Implement and reinforce guidelines

Prepare for when the plan doesn't work

Prac A Classroom Management

1. Mobile Phones are to be used for emergencies only

2. Music is to be listened to outside the classroom. Earbuds are to be taken out.

3. We all show mutual respect to each other

4. Always act in a calm safe manner in the classroom

5. Come prepared and mind your materials

6. Computer are for school work only

A-Z of Behaviour Management

Arrange...the Seating

Begin...the Lesson Positively

Common...Mistakes to avoid


End...Lesson in Control

Focus...on creating a successful classroom

Give...Students Choices

Have...a Classroom management plan

Ignore...low level negative behaviour

Justice...and equity are important

Keep...the flow going

Logical....consequences to follow

Move...around the whole area

Noisy...Classrooms don't work


Peer...Support is vital

Question...for Success

Restate...rules positively

Set...classroom rules

Time...Out procedures

Use...assertive dialogue




Zoom...on positive behaviour


30 Item multiple Choice Test

Annotated Behaviour Management Plan