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03/02 - Pedagogy and Professional Practices by Mind Map: 03/02 - Pedagogy and Professional
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03/02 - Pedagogy and Professional Practices



Art and Science of Teaching

Want to Know

How is it relevant

What have you learnt

Strongest Positive Memory of School

Getting 100% on Genetics year 10 science test and Mr Andrews congratulating me for it


"To lead the child"

Style of instruction

Teaching and learning

Characteristics of Teaching




The Teaching Self

What is your teaching persona?

Relaxed, friendly, open, active

What has shaped and influenced this persona?

Courses on adult learning

Past learning/teaching experiences

Previous job - PT

Important to find the reasons why things work and don't work

Principles of Learning and Teaching


SWOT - Pedagogy for The 21st Century


Make students ready for a changing world

Giving multiple skills

World Wide Prescence


More opportunity for learning, Skype

Speed of Research

Great for visual learners

Disabilities, Hearing impaired

Complete Group Tasks easier

Makes school more engaging


Diminishing writing skills

Limited uses outside the classroom

Decreasing spelling skills

Decreased face to face contact

Class Separation, Lack of technology


More resources

More than 1 way to teach


Lack of familiarity with technology, Students, Teachers

Internet Safety

Copyright Issues

Medium to Overtake Content

Class Activity - Quote Analysis.pdf

Readings - A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies.pdf

JOURNAL - Pedagogy and Professional Practices