03/09 - Design and Technology

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03/09 - Design and Technology by Mind Map: 03/09 - Design and Technology

1. Definitions

1.1. Wroughting and Wrighting

1.1.1. Making thngs

1.2. Design

1.2.1. Showing your thinking


2.1. Uses innovation and creativity

2.2. Use risk assessment

2.3. Contains info on how to teach creativity

3. Principles of Design

3.1. 80/20 Rule

3.1.1. 80% prep, 20% creating product

3.2. Accessibility

3.3. Aestheitc vs usability

3.4. Form following function

3.5. Factor of Safety

3.6. Golden Ratio

3.7. Ockham's Razor

3.7.1. Simplicity

3.7.2. KISS

4. Questions

4.1. How I can help people learn fom design

4.2. How can I influence the way design is perceived

4.3. How can I influence the usability of design

4.4. How can I make better design decisions

4.5. How can I increase appeal of design

5. Task

5.1. Building a Scarecrow

5.1.1. Materials Foam Body Cardboard Boxes Bucket Head Plastic Sleeves Hold Faces Star Picket Cap Star Picket Broomstick Arm Tennis Ball Ball Bearing Broken CD's Reflectors Off arms Plastic Hat Mop Hair Milo Tins Cutlery Makes noise Might be too heavy? Rejected Agi Pipe Water Pump Dripper Dress

5.1.2. Theme Drunk Burning Bride Teachers 70's

5.1.3. Tools Sledgehammer Scissors String Tape

5.1.4. Design Makes noise Spin Water Feature

6. Use for assessment

6.1. Design process

6.2. Use in folio