04/04 - Introduction and Responsive Pedagogy

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04/04 - Introduction and Responsive Pedagogy by Mind Map: 04/04 - Introduction and Responsive  Pedagogy

1. Reading Activity

1.1. Dr Seuss - The Lorax

2. Demographic

2.1. Prep to 4

2.1.1. About 4 or 5 years old

3. Transition

3.1. Prep to School

3.1.1. Can contact pre school to find out information about students

4. Theories

4.1. Constructivism

4.1.1. Piaget and Vygotsky

4.1.2. Individuals constructs their own understanding

4.1.3. Use practical activities

4.2. Inquiry Learning

4.2.1. Based on students questions

4.2.2. Student initiated questioning Induction Deduction Negotiation

4.2.3. Students learn what they are engaged in

4.2.4. 4 Stages 1. Engagement and tuning in 2. Determining directions and organising 3. Finding out and sorting out 4. Taking action and reflection

4.2.5. Classroom Activity Big Ideas Discovery of world around them Essential Questions How do I interpret the world around me How can I use my senses to discover the world? Container Concepts Super Heroes Concepts Understandings and Throughlines Interpreting the world

4.3. Reggio Emilia

4.3.1. Based on respect, responsibility and community

4.3.2. Student directed

4.3.3. Teacher as co-learner and collaborator Plan learning based on student interests Often confusion, allowing mistakes to happen, not having an end in sight


5.1. Intended Learning Outcomes

5.1.1. Level 1

5.1.2. Level 2

5.1.3. Level 3 HPE Perform a broad range of motor skills Interpersonal Respect for others Maintain friendships Personal Learning Develop strategies to develop their own learning Civics and Citizenship

5.2. Connections

5.2.1. Level 1

5.2.2. Level 2

5.2.3. Level 3 HPE + Interpersonal Development Civics and Citizenship + Interpersonal Development

5.3. Strands

5.3.1. Domains Dimension Standards for each dimension

6. Integrated Program

6.1. Student and teachers interests

6.2. What resources will you need

6.3. Does it incorporate literacy and numeracy