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04/05 - English (Reading) by Mind Map: 04/05 - English (Reading)
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04/05 - English (Reading)


Learning to Read

Meaning, Does it make sense?



Roles of Reader

Code Breaker, Visual

Meaning Maker, Comprehension

Text User, Function and structure

Text Critic, Form

Becoming Independent Readers

Search for information in words

Discover new things for themselves

Early Behaviours




Repeat what they learn

Self Correction

Solve new words


Readiness Test

Intelligence Tests

High Progress Readers

Scan ahead before reading

Focuses on the meaning of text

Low Progress Readers

Don't rapidly search

Ask trivial questions

Make up story

Disregard discrepancies between response and words on the page

L3 Reading

Book Orientation

Who is telling the story, "Someone is trying to tell us something", Might be a character

What the author is telling us?

Repeated phrasing, "What I see I say and what I say i see"

What word work would follow the text?

Familiar Reading

Teach during and after reading

Word work

Reading Recovery

Conceived by Marie Clay

Used to close gaps


Global program

Preventative strategy

Goal is independent reading

Requires accelerated learning

School based program


Reading of continuous text

Letter Knowledge

Writing Vocabulary

Running Record





Aim for 90% accuracy

Above 95% - Too Easy

General Advice

Use finger pointing for reading

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