04/12 - English (Spelling)

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04/12 - English (Spelling) by Mind Map: 04/12 - English (Spelling)

1. What is Known

1.1. Being proficient make students more effective writers

1.2. Spelling is one aspect of effective writing

1.3. Good spellers are self-monitoring and self-regulating

1.4. The English language is systematic and patterned

1.5. Helps writers to make better meaning when they write

1.6. Learning spelling is not about learning lists of words

1.6.1. It is about giving strategies for spelling

2. Systematic Spelling Program

2.1. Needs to be daily

2.2. Teaching of phonological, visual, morphemic and etymological spelling knowledge

2.3. Explicit teaching of dictionary skills

2.4. Words being learnt should come from their own writing

3. Spelling Test

3.1. Spread throughout the room to avoid copying

3.2. Students should attempt as many words as possible

3.3. With young or slow learners, do not prolong the test uneccessarily

3.3.1. Tell them they can stop

3.4. Stop marking after the 10th error

3.5. Do not penalise reversals

3.5.1. Except b, d and j,g and p,q

3.6. Say the word clearly in a simple sentence

4. 4 Forms of Spelling

4.1. Phonological Knowledge

4.1.1. How word and letter combinations sound

4.1.2. Activities Picture Sorting Grouping pictures with similar sound pictures Sound Chute Phonics Pictures with correct answer on back Letter Tiles Manipulate magnetic letters Rhyme Lists e.g. 'ake' - make cake bake

4.2. Visual Knowledge

4.2.1. The way words and letters look

4.2.2. Spelling irregular words using visual knowledge House Said

4.3. Morphemic Knowledge

4.3.1. The way words can be added to with prefixes and suffixes and can take different spellings when they change form

4.3.2. Activities

4.4. Etymological Knowledge

4.4.1. How words reflect their derivations

5. Strategies

5.1. Look, say cover write check

5.2. Have a go books

5.3. Activities

5.3.1. Sorting Flashcards

5.3.2. Turn Away Write on whiteboard Rub Out

5.3.3. Snakes and Ladders

5.3.4. The Secret Word Choose a word Students have to guess it

6. Resources

6.1. NSW Criterion Based Spelling Tests