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04/19 - Linking Science with Literacy by Mind Map: 04/19 - Linking Science with Literacy
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04/19 - Linking Science with Literacy

Why Teach Science

Better understanding of the world

Think scientifically

Critical thinking

Visual and Kinesthetic

National Curriculum

Science Understanding

Science Inquiry

Science as human endeavour

Science and Literacy

Everyday Literacies

Using venacular slang

Sending and receiving emails

Literacy of Science

Reading science in newspaper

Using scientific vocabulary

diet and fitness plan

Scientific Literacy

Class Activity

Uses of water



Everyday Literacies, Sorting + Colating, Listening, Reading, Writing, Discussion, Descriptions, Cooperative

Literacy of Science, Graphing, Tabulating, Tally

Class Literacy

Word Wall

Promotes literacy rich environment

Class Science Journal

Big book the class writes in

Primary Connections