04/20 - Early Years Numeracy

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04/20 - Early Years Numeracy by Mind Map: 04/20 - Early Years Numeracy

1. PoLTS

1.1. Principles of Learning and Teaching

1.2. Class Activity

1.2.1. The early years Numeracy learning environment is supportive and productive by... Promoting students self-confidence to take risks with having a go at a hard sum. Promoting a culture of respect for individuals and their communities by supporting the community through numeracy

1.2.2. The early years numeracy learning environment promotes interdependence, independence and self motivation by... Encourages and supports students to take responsibility for their numeracy learning

2. Questions to ask

2.1. Can you check this another way

2.2. What happens if?

2.3. How many solutions are there

2.4. How will you know when you have found all the answers?

3. Toolbox

3.1. Do you know a similar problem

3.2. Guess, check, improve

3.3. Try a similar problem

3.4. Write an equation

3.5. Make a list or table

3.6. Work backwards

3.7. Draw a picture or graph

3.8. Make a model

3.9. Look for a pattern

3.10. try all possibilities

3.11. Seek an exception

3.12. Break the problem into smaller parts

3.13. If one doesn't work, try another one

4. Integrated Learning

4.1. Use the VELS documents

4.1.1. Interdisciplinary Learning

4.1.2. Cross-curricular activities

4.1.3. Sample Units

5. Class Activity

5.1. Space

5.1.1. Learning Objective To learn how to draw 2D shapes

5.1.2. VELS Statement

5.1.3. How can I focus their minds on the task Show them shapes Identify shapes