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Caleb Starr by Mind Map: Caleb Starr

1. Target Audience

1.1. I would like to work for Ubisoft

1.1.1. The Job Description Design, implement, and test multiplayer gameplay Scripting to implement defined tasks Drive prototypes that prove out and challenging your designs Develop the character and player progression Collaborate with engineers to tune player mechanics and AI

1.1.2. Their Job Qualifications Experience in designing and scripting player mechanics AI behaviors and game systems Positive attitude, strong work ethic, and ability to work within a highly collaborative team enviroment Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written Ability to anticipate, prioritize, and organize work to meet objectives Analytical approach to problem solving Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines Enthusiasm for on-going learning and self-development High level attention to detail A passion for games and a keen interest in gameplay creation

2. My Education

2.1. Full Sail University

2.1.1. Classes That I took Creative Presentation/Psychology of Play English Composition I Discrete Mathematics Fundamentals of Physical Science/Design Tools Game Design I Programming Foundations I/Project and Portfolio : Interactive Design Design and Development Analysis Statistics/Project and Portfolio II: Interactive Design Level Design/Building Functional Groups Project and Portfolio III: Game Design Programming Foundations II Game Mechanics/Professional Writing World Building/Game Design II Game Development/ Project and Portfolio IV: Game Design Systems Thinking/Historical Archetypes and Mythology Prototyping/ Project and Portfolio V: Game Design Game Design Preproduction Game Systems Integration Project and Portfolio VI: Game Design Game Balancing Project and Portfolio VII: Game Design