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1. Definition

1.1. The use of computer, hardware and software tp store, retrieve and manipulate data.

2. Advantage

2.1. Can process billions of data in a single second.

2.2. Can communicate with other people easily all around the world.

2.3. Can store a large amount of data.

3. Disadvantage

3.1. Our privacy might be steal by other people if they were not protected properly.

3.2. We might be a victim if we exposed our photos, videos or other personal information publicly.

3.3. Prolonged or improper computer use can lead to health injuries.

4. Applications

4.1. Education

4.1.1. Learning Management System - Students can get their lecture notes, answer quizzes and submit assignments.

4.1.2. Search Engine - Google, Yahoo.

4.2. Finance

4.2.1. Finance Investment System - Inventores buy and sell stock and bond online without using broker.

4.2.2. Online Banking - Pay bills and track personal income.

4.3. Government

4.3.1. E-filling - Online system for declairing tax.

4.3.2. HRMIS - Online system for updating government employee information.

4.4. Health Care

4.4.1. Medline - Web sites provide up-to-date medical fitness, nutrition or exercises information.

4.4.2. Telemedicine - Healthcare professionals in seperate locations conduct live conference in the computer.

4.5. Publishing

4.5.1. Online Newspaper & Online Magazine - Allow user to get information easily by reading newspaper and magazine online.

4.6. Science

4.6.1. Virtual Reality - Stimulate a real or imagined environment that appears as 3D space,

4.7. Travel

4.7.1. GPS - Helps users to track routes for specific location.

4.7.2. E-ticketing - Online booking ticket.

4.8. Manufacturing

4.8.1. Computer-Aided Design - Increase designer productivity and design quality.

5. Categories of Computer

5.1. Supercomputer

5.1.1. Fastest and most powerful. Can process more than one quadrillion instructions in a single second.

5.1.2. Occupy a full room of equipment.

5.2. Mainframe

5.2.1. Large, expensive, powerful. Can handle hundreds or thousands data in a single second.

5.2.2. Occupy a partial room to a full room equipment.

5.3. Personal Computer

5.3.1. Can perform all of its input, processing, output and storage activity by itself.

5.3.2. Fits on a desk.

5.4. Mobile Computer and Devices

5.4.1. Mobile computer - personal computer that can be carried from place to place. Notebook Laptop

5.4.2. Mobile device - Computing device small enough to fit in your hand. Smartphone Digital camera

5.5. Embedded Computers

5.5.1. Special purpose computer that is function as a compinent in a larger product.

5.5.2. Miniature.