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Mobile Payment by Mind Map: Mobile Payment

1. Important Background Information

1.1. 1997

1.1.1. Forerunner of Mobile Payment is using SMS

1.2. 2003

1.2.1. NFC became an industry standard

1.3. 2014

1.3.1. ApplePay launched

1.4. 2015

1.4.1. Android Pay is released

2. Examples of mobile payment

2.1. Hong Kong

2.1.1. Apple Pay(HK) On June 3, 2016,Hong Kong started to use Apple Pay. Apple Pay is available on many famous companies in Hong Kong.

2.2. China

2.2.1. Alipay 500millions people in China are using this app. Not only in China ,there are several countries using Airplay.For example⋯ India Korea Singapore

2.3. World

2.3.1. M-Pesa By 2010 had become the most successful mobile-phone-based financial service in the world The service has been lauded for giving millions of people access to the formal financial system. By 2012, about 17 million M-Pesa accounts had been registered in Kenya.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Payment

3.1. Advantages

3.1.1. Security

3.1.2. Convenient- payment process is simple and fast

3.2. Disadvantages

3.2.1. Hardware problem- not all devices can support mobile payment

3.2.2. Not all the comapny are using this system

4. Common payment methods in the past /present

4.1. Bartering

4.2. Commodity Money e.g. Shell money

4.3. Coin / Banknote

4.4. Credit Card

5. How to affect our daily lives

5.1. Enterprises

5.1.1. Alternative payment method attracts more attentions and transactions

5.2. Customers

5.2.1. Choices of payment becomes larger

5.3. Global

5.3.1. Both physical and digital payments can make more transactions appear