Foundation First:

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Foundation First: by Mind Map: Foundation First:

1. Fast & Formidable Toolkit

1.1. Speed

1.1.1. Enable Gzip compression

1.1.2. DB Optimisation. Automatically clean WordPress to run at optimal efficiency.

1.1.3. Media Gallery Image re-optimisation & automatic image compression on upload

1.1.4. Caching plugin configuration

1.1.5. Fast, Global Content Delivery Network

1.1.6. Testing Suite Google Mobile Speed Pingdom GMetrix PageSpeed Insights Pinpoint Website Performance Issues YSlow

1.1.7. Hosting Siteground

1.2. Security

1.2.1. Easy Rollback. Database Daily & Full Weekly Backups

1.2.2. Increased security on login & admin pages

1.2.3. Enhancing the Security and Performance of WordPress

1.2.4. Always online. A cached version will be displayed in the event of hosting failure

1.2.5. DNS Browser cache expiration rules applied to key areas of the site

1.2.6. DDoS Protection

1.2.7. SSL

1.2.8. .htaccess & PHP.ini configured for additional compatibility, speed and security

1.2.9. Security Plugin Configuration

1.2.10. Vulnerability scanning

1.2.11. Harden WordPress Site From Attacks

1.3. Advanced

1.3.1. Security Check if Site IP is Generating Spam Frequent & Scheduled Scans Real-Time Threat Defense Feed Check if Site is Spamvertized Advanced Comment Spam Filter Web application firewall (WAF)

1.3.2. Speed Smart Routing: Route Worldwide traffic across the fastest paths available. Local and global load balancing. Image/js/css delivered by CDN

2. The Typography First Principle

2.1. Business

2.1.1. Planning Wireframes Brainstorming

2.1.2. Custom Web UI design Web design based on Website Discovery or Vision specification Concept and prototyping Styling (colour, typography and imagery) Layout (positioning of on-screen elements: navigation, text, imagery, brand movie, call to action, other functionality)

2.1.3. Mobile Friendly HTML/CSS coding

2.1.4. Typography First Enhancements: Typeface selection and font pairing chosen for your niche, font sizing optimised for maximum readability. Intelligent character replacement with better alternatives. Open Type features enabled, Widows avoided.

2.1.5. SVG graphics are used for resolution independent crisp graphics which download super fast

2.1.6. 3rd Party Scripts Integrated with Segment to reduce server requests

2.1.7. Staging site setup

2.1.8. Typography First Wordpress theme build

2.1.9. Codebase optimisation CSS & JS concatenation HTML/CSS/JS minification

2.1.10. Site build to Website Discovery or Vision specification

2.1.11. Integration with 3rd party marketing services. E.G Mailchimp

2.1.12. Integration with Hubspot CRM or Similar to manage & track sales leads

2.1.13. Configuration of plugins to manage backups & Wordpress security

2.1.14. 301 Redirects

2.1.15. Browser testing

2.1.16. Website Launch

3. Preeminence Marketing

3.1. Position

3.1.1. Find key Influencers & uncover the Linkerati Brand advocates

3.1.2. Find emails & build an Outreach Database

3.1.3. Content Research and Planning Identify Content That Resonates Find linkable topics Discover Hot Blog Post Topics Content ideas targeted towards Industry Experts or Industry Peers Review existing ranking pages for possible placement or collaboration Find the most shared content on any topic Content idea generator

3.1.4. Brainstorm Impression Asset frameworks Trademark technique Goto guidebook Expanded list post Infographic Awards bait Crowdsourced post

3.2. Package

3.2.1. Impression Asset page formatting Make Content 2-3x More Compelling Use bucket brigades Techniques to Improve Time on Page

3.2.2. Impact Headline Optimisation AI-Powered Headline Analyser Review Headline Formulas From BuzzFeed Title Tags: How to Improve CTR by 20%+ Optimise Engaging Headline Phrases

3.2.3. Impression Asset Medium Tail Keyword research Keyword Branded techniques (Trademark) Keyword difficulty analysis On-Page SEO analysis. Review the top performing competitor pages for the target phrase Single words 2 word phrases 3 word phrases

3.2.4. Content upgrades Confirmation Whitelist email address Bribe to share

3.2.5. Social Triggers Social Media Sharing Social Headline & Description optimisation Ad design using AIDA Create tweetable quotes Content reveals

3.2.6. Feature some Influencers in your content

3.3. Promote

3.3.1. Engage with Influencers & involve them in the content creation

3.3.2. Impression Asset Content promotion/amplification

3.3.3. Guest posting

3.3.4. Outreach Outreach on community forums Facebook groups

3.3.5. 3rd Party Promotion *Fees apply. Promote content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ Ad Benchmarking Google Adwords Retargeting YouTube video targeting Display Benchmarking Custom Affinity Audiences - Target competitor websites Twitter custom audiences LinkedIn Ads / Sponsored InMail Create a Facebook Campaign Lead Ads Facebook demographic targeting Steal Your Competitors Biggest Fans Create Remarketing Lists Using Content

3.3.6. Citation building for local search

3.3.7. Link building Resource & 404 link building Competitor link building Review top 10 link profiles by keyword Identify backlink gaps

3.3.8. Analysing the Website to Increase Business Value Setup website demographic profiling Conversion tracking setup Google remarketing pixel Adwords pixel Twitter pixel LinkedIn Backlink monitoring Keyword rank tracking Alerts New backlinks New keyword appearances Brand mentions to links

4. One Step Ahead

4.1. Advanced Typecasting

4.1.1. Creating working portraits of ideal customers. Profiling research on Twitter, Youtube or Instagram Likes & interests Occupations Brands Hashtags Influences Researching reading preferences (Publications, Blogs, Influencers) to shape your design and inspire new content ideas Review the other websites frequently visited by your users Review the books and publications your users read Read the mind of your target audience Research into all of the ways people search for a given topic Find questions your viewers are asking Understanding the Customer Buying Cycle Who is Your Ideal Customer? Creating Personas User Journey & Analysis

4.1.2. Optimising Customer Experiences Create Website Satisfaction Analysis Online surveys, polls and questionnaires Fix your website's usability problems Analyse Results

4.2. Undercover Secrets

4.2.1. Identifying Competitors

4.2.2. How you relate to the competition

4.2.3. Metric review for each main competitor to give you an indication of the overall competitiveness of a niche.

4.2.4. Competitor Link Growth

4.2.5. Competitor traffic analysis Which sites provide the most referrals Where They Get Their Traffic Which countries provide their traffic Total monthly traffic & key stats (pages/session, time on page, bounce rate) What Organic Keywords do they rank for PPC & Landing Page Analysis

4.2.6. Content Analysis Finding (And Filling) Content Gaps to include in your content strategy

4.2.7. Why should customers choose you over your competitors? Positioning Competitive convergence

4.3. The Humility Technique

4.3.1. Improve your ideas through the model of humility, incrementally improving on existing discoveries until the cumulative adds up to the revolutionary.

4.3.2. Finding Most Linked To Content

4.3.3. Finding Most Shared Content

4.3.4. Leveraging Exisiting Solutions

5. SEO Masterclass

5.1. Record everything

5.1.1. Google & Bing Webmaster tools setup

5.1.2. Google Analytics Google Tag manager setup Goal and event tracking

5.1.3. *Fees apply. See each users complete visit in a video Track clicks, movement and scroll View user heat maps

5.2. SEO Energiser

5.2.1. Includes the Copywriters guide to SEO. How to write & structure your website content for Google ranking

5.2.2. SEO Plugin configuration Sitemap submission

5.2.3. Backlink review for Toxic links

5.2.4. Duplicate content check

5.2.5. Broken links & 404 fixes

5.2.6. Page titles (H1, H2, H3), Meta title & description report (For Google results)

5.2.7. Check if your page is duplicated on the Web.

5.2.8. Google Analytics review. No-Index weak pages

5.3. CTR Analyzer

5.3.1. Keyword research All keywords are reviewed by hard it would be to rank on the first page of search results for a given keyword. Market defining keywords. E.G Scuba Diving Customer profile keywords. E.G Scuba Diver Product keywords. E.G Scuba Regulators GEO keywords. E.G Scuba diving Philippines Auto Suggest review

5.3.2. Title & Meta Description re-writes CTR Optimisation

5.3.3. SEO recommendations for your content based on your Google top 10 rivals for a given keyword