Visual Reality

Visual reality (VR), as a new technology that changing the way of discovering our world, from video games to military use. VR become a new trend of the world that now it help us to change our living style, which become more convenience, interesting and playable.

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Visual Reality by Mind Map: Visual Reality

1. Background

1.1. a computer technology

1.1.1. uses stereoscopic display technologies

1.2. History

1.2.1. 1960 The first VR Head Mounted Display

1.2.2. 1961 Headsight – First motion tracking HMD

1.2.3. 1965 The Ultimate display by Ivan Sutherland

1.2.4. 1968 Sword of Damocles

1.2.5. 1969 Artificial Reality

1.2.6. 1987 Virtual reality the name was born

1.2.7. 1991 Virtuality Group Arcade Machines

1.2.8. 1992 The Lawnmower Man

1.2.9. 1993 SEGA announce new VR glasses

1.2.10. 1995 Nintendo Virtual Boy

1.2.11. 1999 The Matrix

2. how to work

2.1. virtual reality entails presenting our senses with a computer generated virtual environment

3. domains of using VR

3.1. Military

3.1.1. military training flight simulation Battlefield simulation battlefield medical training vehicle simulation virtual boot camp

3.1.2. new weapons Ironvision (tank use VR helmet) Apache

3.2. industrial

3.2.1. changing the methods of management

3.2.2. training methods SF Express safety training

3.3. Business

3.3.1. VR+ shopping Alibaba Amazon Try before buy concept

3.3.2. VR toursim promote

3.4. medical

3.4.1. medical training VirTeaSy Dental provides an innovative approach to facilitate gesture and diagnosis training VirTeaSy Surgery accelerate the process of learning to perform a complex surgery VirTeaSy Birth provide an obstetric simulators that assist in making medical training thorough and effective.

3.4.2. brain surgery FundamentalVR used both 360-degree cameras in the operating theatre and GoPros strapped to the heads of the surgeons to capture the remarkable procedure.

3.5. entertainment (briefly introduction)

3.5.1. video games

3.5.2. aerial photograph

3.5.3. mixed with motor-driven games e.g. roller coaster

4. Presentation

4.1. content

4.2. Intro

4.2.1. what is VR

4.2.2. How it works

4.2.3. Histroy

4.2.4. Focus of this presentation Business

4.3. acknowledge of the public

4.3.1. refer to the excel

4.3.2. Journal Articaal

4.4. trend

4.4.1. its present development

4.4.2. future development

4.5. Conslusion