Enchroma Glasses

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Enchroma Glasses by Mind Map: Enchroma Glasses

1. Background Information

1.1. Eyewear

1.1.1. differentiate blood and tissue

1.2. Sunglasses

2. Types of Colour Blindness

2.1. Normal

2.2. Protan

2.3. Deutran

2.4. Tritan

3. Principle

3.1. do research

3.2. link to a model

3.3. construct the model

3.4. filter out special colour

3.5. cut out sharp wavelength

3.6. separate overlapping cones

3.7. reestablish the balance

3.8. excite the neural mechanism

3.9. correct the color perception

4. The importance

4.1. 300 million people in the world with color vision deficiency

4.2. no cure for color blindness

4.3. Problem faced in lives : Risk of misinterpreting traffic lights is high,

5. How Enchroma glasses transform Lives

5.1. Their lives are transformed, filled with colour and joyfulness.

5.1.1. Example of the difference after wearing Enchroma glasses

6. Future development of Enchroma glasses

6.1. Enchroma contact lenses

6.1.1. Allow more physical flexibility

6.1.2. Full field of vision

6.2. Indoor and Outdoor glasses combined

6.2.1. Larger extent of convience

6.3. Not only confined in Reg-green

6.3.1. Also assist Yellow-blue blindness

6.3.2. Deuteranopes

6.3.3. Protanopia

6.3.4. Tritanopes