Warrior Boys

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Warrior Boys by Mind Map: Warrior Boys

1. Client Centred Social Work

2. Community Development

3. Social Justice

4. In the video, it is clear that the growing immature youth is very attractive towards the so called "cool" things. As, the boy in the video said that being a gang member seems to be cool as no one can neglect us or makes you feel minor.

5. Its not only their fault that they are being including themselves in the gangs.Youth experience bullying, peer pressure, racism and early exposure to drugs .

6. The reason behind it is the differentiation between the living style and being from different community (south Asian). If these boys use their own language words like "Sat Sri Akal" that means hello seems awkward by the other community students so the boys feel bad and shameful. One of them mention regarding the bus seen that when he was waiting for the bus the people around him said "go home you little kid".

7. When youth experience such behaviour they feel that gang membership is one of the way to sort all the problems. No one can say anything to them.

8. So, the behaviour of the society makes them feels separated while living in the same community. In some way they experience marginalization.

9. Such reactions from society push youth to be the part of someone who has the power and then they start being the part of the gang members.

10. Marginalization is the big barrier experienced by the youth that makes them feel that they are less important.

11. In the client centred model, the social worker can inform youth regarding their strengths and their importance in the future for the community. They can provide knowledge of the harms of being a gang member and how it will affect their future goals.

12. Under this model, we can organize a seminar or workshop in which the youth will get knowledge regarding the gang involvement and the pushing factors into the gang.

13. Also, we can show them the results after being a gang member by showing some real videos.

14. For creating positive environment, we can raise the topic of their future goals and how they are going to achieve them by being on right track.

15. To raise awareness, we can organize a rally in which youth can participate and can spread awareness among society that how the behaviour of people in the society among youth force them to become bad. They can also create banners, in which they can write some informational message for the youth to stay on right track