Pre-AP Geometry

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Pre-AP Geometry by Mind Map: Pre-AP Geometry

1. Conditional Statement:

1.1. If I have enough money, then I will go to the movies

2. Inverse:

2.1. If I don't have enough money, then I wont go to the movies.

3. ContraPositive:

3.1. If I don't go to the movies, Then I didn't have enough money

4. Biconditional Statement:

4.1. I will go to the movies if and only if I have enough money

5. Converse:

5.1. If I go to the movies, then I have enough money

6. Conditional Statement:

6.1. If it is raining, then I am wet

7. Biconditional Statement:

7.1. No Biconditional Statement

8. Converse:

8.1. If I am wet, then it is raining

9. Contrapositive:

9.1. If I am not wet, then it is not raining

10. Inverse:

10.1. If it is not raining, then I am not wet.