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Dogs for Success by Mind Map: Dogs for Success

1. home

1.1. The home page will give an overview description of DFS. Here I will show the most important information in hope to catch the viewers attention to keep on the site.

1.1.1. Digital Logo: will be use on hope page for DFS

1.1.2. Infographics: To clearly show what DFS is about

2. about

2.1. This page will bring more of the attention to the dogs and how important it is to find a loving home for them. As well draw a connection to the viewer to the organization by giving insight on what we do here.

2.1.1. Screenshot: Help viewers navigate through the website

2.1.2. Screencast presentation: A video that will highlight the main point of DFS

3. contact

3.1. The contact page will provide any and all information on how the viewers can contact DFS with any questions, comments or concerns they may have.

3.1.1. Graphic Design, with QR code: Will be used on the contact page for people to contact us.

3.1.2. Social Media: here we will include our social media for viewers to see

4. Ways to Help

4.1. The how you can help page will offer ways such as donations towards finding home for dogs, Volunteering, social media, or simply a way to find your way to adopting a dog.

4.1.1. Animation: Use this to have a little cute cartoon to encourage people to help!

4.1.2. Google Form: Can set a survey to see how ready you are to adopt a dog

5. Stories

5.1. On the stories page we will find a story in regards to a dog that was adopted and have it show how wonderful it is to have an adopted dog. Show the viewers why they should have one as well!

5.1.1. Digital Photo Editing: Will be used with the photos uploaded with the story about the adopted dog.

5.1.2. Digital story video: can put a video of the dog adopted that ties in with our story.

6. Tagline: To find a caring home for the loving dogs in need.