Types of business letters

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Types of business letters by Mind Map: Types of business letters

1. The Enquiry Letter.

1.1. This letter is written by the buyer, who is interested in receiving information about the goods, their quality, quantity, price and other parameters.

2. The Letter of Apology.

2.1. This letter should be sincere and polite. If you really have defects with the goods, try to explain it to the client and take upon yourself all responsibility.

3. The Letter of Complaint.

3.1. If you received the goods and found that it is of inadequate quality, of a different size, color, from a different fabric, you can write a letter of complaint to the seller. However, be polite!

4. The Quotation Letter.

4.1. This is a short letter containing catalogs, price lists, brochures, etc.

5. Business letters are letters that businessmen exchange with each other, with their suppliers and customers.