Push Play : Programmes

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Push Play : Programmes by Mind Map: Push Play : Programmes

1. Get Going

1.1. Physical activity for work and school

1.2. One off sessions or an extended programme

1.3. Partner with?

2. Coaching for Performance

2.1. Developing coaching skills in the workplace and applying the skills to coaching kids

2.2. For middle/senior managment and primary schools

2.3. Partner with Richard Knight of Maasai Camel

3. Performing under Pressure

3.1. Developing mental skills among performance sports and business leaders

3.2. Partner with Doug MacDonald of Positive Sports Pysch

4. Post Match Analysis

4.1. Using sports video analysis tools to support the development of athletes, pupils, teachers and business people

4.2. Partner with?

5. Developing Teams

5.1. Developing communication, decision making and joint strategies among school groups and business teams

5.2. Partner with Doug MacDonald of Positive Sports Pysch

6. Want to talk?

6.1. Simon Turner

6.2. Mobile: 0783 714 3304

6.3. Email: [email protected]

6.4. www.twitter.com/simon__turner

6.5. http://www.linkedin.com/in/simonjeremyturner

7. Dynamic Warm-up

7.1. Short interactive workshops that prepare business people for the challenges ahead