HIM500 Module 2 - MindMap

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HIM500 Module 2 - MindMap by Mind Map: HIM500 Module 2 - MindMap

1. E-Prescribing

1.1. Prescriptions Sent Directly to Pharmacy

1.2. Less Room for Error

1.3. Easier to Read than Handwritten Rx

1.4. Direct Communication Between Physician and Pharmacy

1.5. No Losing Paper Rx

2. Personal Health Records (PHRs)

2.1. Can Link with EHRs

2.2. Keeps Track of Visits

2.3. Track Health Outside of Visits

3. Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

3.1. Medications Currently Taken

3.2. Visit Notes

3.3. History of Present Illness

3.4. Family Medical History

3.5. Blood Pressure

3.6. Height and Weight

3.7. Surgical History

3.8. Plan for Treatment

3.9. Medical Records

3.10. Patient Portals

4. Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

4.1. Store X-ray Images (Film or Digital)

4.2. Digital Images Often Instantaneous

4.3. Keeps Detailed Images Available to Patients' Charts

4.4. Allows Images to be Burned to CD and Shared as Needed