The Meaning of Technology

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The Meaning of Technology by Mind Map: The Meaning of Technology

1. The World's Definition

1.1. After reading through multiple definitions from students, scholars, trades people and technology experts, i can say that for the most part, everybody's definition of technology is relatively similar. What changes is that some people just use a sub class of technology that they are most familiar with to define it. "To a scientist, technology is the end product of one's research; to an engineer, it is a tool or process that can be employed to build better products or solve technical problems..." Richard Li-Hua, (2007)

2. How I define it now

2.1. As somebody, who like a lot of people, is used to the fast paced development of technology of the 21st century that is constantly changing our ways of life, it is easy to focus solely on new technologies and lose sight of what us humans have accomplished. After reading up on the course content and by doing my own research, I have opened up tons of questions that I haven't explored before. My new definition would be: Anything that has been created or will be created with the understanding of science in order to fill a need or facilitate a certain function

2.1.1. Science Since the two are so similar, i thought that science and technology were the same thing, but i quickly realized the reason why i thought this was because they work hand in hand, without one there is no other. "Technology represents the combination of human understanding of natural laws and phenomena accumulated since ancient times to make things that fulfil our needs and desires or that perform certain functions"(Karatsu, 1990). This tells me two things; that we use science, which is our understanding of the world, to advance technology, and that we use this technology to benefit us.

2.1.2. Why technology advances so fast One of the questions i had was why now? why are we so rapidly advancing technology to the point that millions of jobs are created and replaced every year, what has changed? Well, i found my answer in Kevin Kelly's video. Knowledge

2.1.3. Types of technology There is an astounding amount of different categories, because there are an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to improving our lives. I will list the ones i feel are the most important Medical Technology Assistive technology Communication technology Weapons Technology

3. My Definition (pre research)

3.1. When i think about technology, the first thing that comes to mind is the internet. The way It keeps everybody connected and at the same time offers an immense amount of knowledge has definitely had a huge impact on the world and the way people act, i can see it. I do know though that there are many different types of technologies that improve our lives.

4. References

4.1. Li-Hua, R (2007). "What is technology?", Journal of Technology Management in China, Dyer J, (2009). Defining the Word “Technology” … Four Times, Kelly, K (2007) "Kevin Kelly tells Technology's epic story", Swali, M (2017), types of technology, Hambling, D (2006), "Introduction: Weapons Technology", Allis, R (2013), The 40 Greatest Innovations of All Time

5. Conclusion

5.1. There is so much that I haven't thought of when it comes to technology. I never thought of the controlled used of fire and water as something technological, but is is. Anything we create to fill a need or perform an action is technology, and as long as we have creativity, we can manufacture an endless amount of tools to answer an endless amount of problems

6. Creative Section

6.1. I have created a prezi timeline of the top 10 technological advances in order that i think had the biggest impacts on human beings