Neglected and Abused Children

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Neglected and Abused Children by Mind Map: Neglected and Abused Children

1. Lack of Education

1.1. Education Help

1.1.1. Raise awareness to community

1.2. Background research/demographics

1.2.1. Find correlations

1.2.2. Research the area

1.3. No parenting help

2. High Stress Environments

2.1. Work Culture

2.1.1. Kids viewed as obstacles that get in the way

2.2. Poverty

2.3. Help Hard to attain

2.4. Lack of active engagement with children

2.4.1. not giving what child needs

3. Law

3.1. Change public policy

3.1.1. What is allowed/not allowed

3.2. Daily enforcement awareness

3.2.1. Signs/what to look for

4. Mental Illness

4.1. General unhappiness

4.1.1. abused children more likely to become abusers

4.2. Past issues never resolved

4.2.1. cyclical abuse

5. Add Resources

5.1. Raise Money

5.1.1. Auctions

5.1.2. Fundraiser

5.2. Help Established Organizations

5.2.1. Inform of organizational work

5.2.2. Use as research Whats working/not working

6. Drug Abuse

6.1. Parents who abuse drugs

6.1.1. Neglect children

6.1.2. Children become future abusers