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STEM D by Mind Map: STEM D

1. Physical Education

1.1. Fitness Activities

1.2. Risk Facotrs of Lifestyle Diseases

2. Oral Communication

2.1. Types Of Communitative Strategy

3. Filipino

3.1. Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Pilipino

4. Earth Science

4.1. The Geological Processes( Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruption, Landslide)

4.2. The Erosion

4.3. The Tropical Cyclones and Hurricanes

5. Pre- Calculus

5.1. References Angle

5.2. The Trigonometric Function

6. Empowerment Technology

6.1. Using Photoshop

6.2. Making a Website

6.3. Using Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel

7. General Mathematics

7.1. Logorithm

7.2. How to solve the Interest and Percentage

8. Social Science

8.1. Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person