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UMich Mobile by Mind Map: UMich Mobile

1. Apps for UMich

1.1. Michigan

1.1.1. Student Life app

1.1.2. Magic Bus

1.1.3. Dining

1.1.4. Directory Create contacts

1.1.5. Newsfeeds

1.1.6. Wayfinding

1.1.7. Events

1.2. Student Life

1.2.1. Course catalog

1.2.2. My Schedule

1.2.3. Registration forthcoming

1.3. Single Signon (SSO)

1.4. CTools

1.4.1. mobile-aware

1.4.2. beta version mobile app

1.5. Apps purchased from students

1.5.1. CTools for iPhone

1.5.2. CTools for Android

1.5.3. MSuite iPhone app

1.5.4. MPrint mobile

2. History of mobile at UM

2.1. iWolverine (students)

2.2. Michigan app (converted iWolverine)

2.3. Mobile "Home" for UM

2.3.1. ITS resources for iPhone

2.4. Mobile Apps Contest

2.5. Apps Catalog

2.6. Developer toolkit

2.6.1. Licensing

2.6.2. Distribution

2.6.3. Logos, appropriate use

2.7. Directory of APIs

2.7.1. Coming Fall 2011

2.8. Forums

2.9. Using Your Device

3. Apps from UMich

3.1. UM Engineering iPad app

3.2. Enriching Scholarship app

3.3. Educational Use

3.3.1. Zydeco Chris Qintana, Clara Cahill, Shannon Schmoll developed in GROCS with Natural History Museum Design an animal for survival Video Kids using in Museum, as well as after Upload to Flickr

3.3.2. Mobile Orchestra Drone iPhone as Musical Instrument George Essl Telegraph UK Article Guardian UK article Instrument design Rotary Phonics

3.3.3. Punjabi conversation Faking it Simple app access mobile aware web page page in paragraphs Structure Questions Answers Vocabulary

3.3.4. Ojibway Flashcards

3.4. Student projects

3.4.1. Cerebral Palsy Communication app

3.4.2. News UM Students Create New Mobile Apps

3.5. Faculty projects

3.5.1. Nerve Whiz

4. Other Resources

4.1. Google Code

4.2. Developer resources

4.2.1. Elliot Soloway students

4.2.2. Bruce Maxim students

4.2.3. Jeff Ringenberg students

4.2.4. SI students

4.3. SoundNote (note taking app)

5. Communities

5.1. UMOD Mobile App List

5.2. Yammer Mobile App Group

5.3. Instructional Technology Group

5.4. Students: Mobile@Michigan

5.5. Michigan Interactive & Social Computing

6. Mobile Usability (MLibrary)

6.1. Library examples

6.1.1. MLibrary Mobile homepage

6.1.2. MLibrary app Hours / Locations News & Events Research Guides Came with product Lost branding Development to give us more control AskALibrarian New node

6.1.3. Mirlyn Mobile Research Platform research Audience research Usage stats Give us feedback Feedback to suggestions Ongoing development

6.1.4. Hathi Trust Digital Library In development

6.2. Issues & Tips

6.2.1. Metadata issues

6.2.2. Selecting minimal info for display

6.2.3. Feedback Renew books Check my favorites

6.2.4. Google Analytics

6.2.5. We only had programmer for ONE year

6.2.6. Responsive / adaptive design ID mobile device as they access site "Sniffing" CSS MediaQueries to ID screen size iPads don't automatically go to mobile can access mobile with direct URL

6.3. Lessons Learned

6.3.1. Do research first

6.3.2. "Wd use it? Might? Wd not"

6.3.3. Get analytics in every page Mobile aware FYI, for apps, need to build it in

6.3.4. Research doesn't match behavior

6.3.5. Start small

6.3.6. Combine methods

6.3.7. We started platform agnostic Mobile aware some functions require app custom functions

6.3.8. PR!! promotion, marketing "Is that the library in your pocket?" QR codes Only 50 scans in 5 months bookmarks will push marketing in Fall

6.4. Ideas

6.4.1. Barcode scan

6.4.2. Bert's webcam

6.4.3. Wayfinding within the library

6.4.4. Image collections

6.4.5. Augmented reality Campus Ann Arbor

6.4.6. Geo-location aware library info

6.4.7. Use mobile sites for kiosk touchscreens

7. Apps about Michigan

7.1. MGoBlue

7.2. FoodNOMster

7.2.1. Android

7.3. UMich Dining

7.4. University of Michigan Clock

7.5. UM-Dearborn Android App

7.6. UM Backgrounds (Android)

8. Best Practices

8.1. Screensaver with lost phone contact info

8.2. Use affordances of the device

8.2.1. can blow into it

8.2.2. position aware

8.2.3. location aware

8.3. Health Library Guide

8.3.1. curated app collection by device by topic

8.3.2. Nice structure, model for other topics