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3D printing by Mind Map: 3D printing

1. background

1.1. history

1.1.1. 1st 3D printer:1984 (by Charles Hull) named as stereo lithograpgy obtained patent for the technique(1986)

1.1.2. 1st 3D printer built by 3D system:1992

1.1.3. 1st application of 3D printing in medical field:1999 human bladder

1.1.4. HD color 3D printer:2005(Z Corp)

1.2. name

1.2.1. also known as Addicitive Manufacturing

2. What is it?

2.1. working

2.1.1. materials printing materials plastic filament metals 3D printer software Auto CAD 3dsMax Blender SketchUp

2.1.2. principle modeling CAD file is created sliced them into digital cross-sections Printing (.STL/.VRML file)exported to a 3D printing machine lays down successive layers of materials Finishing actual object formed

2.1.3. methods selective laser sintering (SLS) using high power laser stereo lithography (SL) using a vat of liquid UV-curable photopolymer & UV laser fused deposition modeling (FDM)-->most common melt plastic on a platform Others poly-jet photopolymer syringe extrusion Digital Light Processing Electron Beam Melting

2.2. Advantages

2.2.1. rapid prototyping

2.2.2. clean process

2.2.3. complex shape can be produced

2.2.4. easy to use

2.2.5. reduce design complexity

2.2.6. no storage cost

2.2.7. low production cost

2.2.8. quick availability of organs

2.3. Disadvantages

2.3.1. slow process

2.3.2. high cost of 3D printer & raw materials

2.3.3. misuse of technology/create illegal products (eg. guns)

2.3.4. unchecked production of dangerous items

2.3.5. intellectual property issues

2.3.6. limitations of size

2.3.7. limitations of raw materials

3. Application

3.1. Future

3.1.1. print a replacement for lost items(eg. battery cover/remote)

3.1.2. print out organs for humans(eg. reconstructing bones/body parts) 1st printed organ: tiny replicas of human liver( at Organovo in San Deigo)

3.1.3. Building contructions

3.1.4. aircraft wings

3.1.5. reconstructing fossils

3.1.6. making food in space researched by NASA

3.1.7. .......endless

3.2. Present

3.2.1. Industrial rapid prototyping rapid manufacturing rapid customization mass production

3.2.2. Domestic (Window 8 operating system) cloting Accessories:jewelery Entertainment & Toys

3.2.3. Medical bio-printing implant & medical device artificial arms for disabled secrets of hearts bionic ears