Seven Aspects of Civilization

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Seven Aspects of Civilization by Mind Map: Seven Aspects of Civilization

1. Economy and Trade

1.1. Sumerians

1.1.1. Economy was based on agriculture

1.1.2. Sumerians -obtained many of their materials for their buildings through trade

1.1.3. Traded with people across South Asia and beyond

1.1.4. Some jobs were pottery makers, stone cutters, brick layers, farmers, and fisherman

1.2. Shang/ Zhou

1.2.1. More population caused greater wealth which led to people to becoming merchants and traders

1.2.2. Merchants and traders became very popular

1.2.3. Zhou economy was based on agriculture

1.2.4. system of money

2. Religion

2.1. Sumerians

2.1.1. Believed gods controlled all natural forces

2.1.2. Believed a god protected each city

2.1.3. God Ehil- controlled air and storms

2.1.4. Polytheism- worship of many gods

2.2. Shang/ Zhou

2.2.1. Believed in a after life

2.2.2. Offered gifts to the dead

2.2.3. Asked ancestors for advice with a oracle bone

2.2.4. Steam from there food feed dead ancestors

3. Geography and Agriculture

3.1. Sumerians

3.1.1. Sumerians grew barley, chickpeas, lentils, and wheat

3.1.2. Euphrates are influential in shaping earths oldest civilization

3.1.3. Mesopotamia- in Greek means "between the river"

3.1.4. Fertile Crescent- curves between the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf

3.2. Shang/ Zhou

3.2.1. They had nutrient rich soil and long rivers

3.2.2. Had a temperate climate

3.2.3. Zhou moved around but eventually settled and practiced agriculture once more

3.2.4. irrigation was used a lot

4. Social Structure and Family

4.1. Sumerians

4.1.1. Men had political power and made laws

4.1.2. Women took care of home and children

4.1.3. Four social classes- nobles, commoners, clients and slaves

4.1.4. Nobles owned larger lands and Commoners owned smaller lands

4.2. Shang/ Zhou

4.2.1. New techniques increased size of harvest

4.2.2. Large population and many were farmers

4.2.3. When leader died, oldest son took over

4.2.4. Zhou had 3 realms of deties

5. Government and Leaders

5.1. Sumerians

5.1.1. Ziggurat- rose to the sky

5.1.2. City- State- political unit with government

5.1.3. Priests- Led a high status in sumer and governed the city- states

5.1.4. Dynasty- series of rules from one family

5.2. Shang/ Zhou

5.2.1. Strong Monarchy

5.2.2. Had a court gathering of wealthy nobles

5.2.3. Performed rituals to keep kingdoms safe

5.2.4. Large army

6. Arts and Education

6.1. Sumerians

6.1.1. Asedarches, ramps, and columns

6.1.2. Stone cylinders with detailed designs

6.1.3. Stat Statues with large, open- wide eyes

6.1.4. Cuneiform- Sumerian writing

6.2. Shang/ Zhou

6.2.1. Oracle bones- inscribed bits of animal bones

6.2.2. Built roads and canals

6.2.3. invented catapult

6.2.4. chopsticks

7. Science and Technology

7.1. Sumerians

7.1.1. Sumerians developed a math system based on the number 60

7.1.2. They learned to use geometry for making/ building structures

7.1.3. They invented the wheel which helped them travel places

7.1.4. Also invented the plow which helped them work faster and more efficent

7.2. Shang/ Zhou

7.2.1. created tomb like structures

7.2.2. moon calander

7.2.3. money system

7.2.4. developed tools and weapons