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Confucianism by Mind Map: Confucianism

1. Political and Social Impact

1.1. Social

1.1.1. Everyone had a place in society.

1.1.2. Lower levels gave obedience to higher levels (at the family level and national level).

1.1.3. "Collectivism" vs "Individualism", people are defined by their relationship to the group.

1.1.4. Strong family ties.

1.2. Political

1.2.1. A moral code of ethics focusing on truthfulness, generosity, respect, diligence, industriousness, and kindness.

1.2.2. Hierarchy structured.

1.2.3. Ideas helped guide a good government.

2. Where did it spread and why?

2.1. Spread to China, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan because...

2.1.1. It was written down so Confucian ideas could easily be transported from place to place

2.1.2. Confucian ideas were taught in most schools

2.1.3. China's government took Confucianism ideas into their government

2.1.4. It also just spread through word of mouth

2.1.5. Map

3. Video Who was Confucius? - Bryan W. Van Norden

4. Art

5. Citation

5.1. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free.

6. Origins and Founder

6.1. Founder was Confucius

6.1.1. Started from Confucius's ideas of wanting to solve China's disorder

6.1.2. Tried to spread his ideas but was never elected into a political office

6.1.3. After he died his students came and took his writings/ideas and put them into the Analects

7. Sacred Texts

7.1. The 5 Classics: The Book of History, Poetry, Rites, Changes, and Spring and Autumn Annals

7.1.1. Helped Confucius

7.2. In the 12th century Zhu Xi wrote The Sacred Texts of Confucianism compiled of four books:

7.2.1. The Great Learning

7.2.2. Analects of Confucious

7.2.3. Book of Mencius

7.2.4. The Doctrine of the Mean

8. Core Beliefs

8.1. Central Principal: "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself" (Ren)

8.1.1. Confucius also Emphasized: Mercy Social Order Fulfillment of Responsibility

8.1.2. Family and Society come before the individual

8.1.3. Self-Control of emotions

9. Artifact