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recycling by Mind Map: recycling


2. less pollution from greenhouse gases caused from landfills

3. whats the reason to recycle?

3.1. It won't use as many world resources that are precious to us

3.2. less greenhouse gases from landfills and that is less pollution caused by waste


4. whats the impact in the future?

4.1. more environmental resources for the future generation

4.2. less cost for making things

4.3. Cleaner environment

5. Whats the expense to recycle?

5.1. less expense to create something from recycled material than raw material.

5.2. waste management 9702434345

6. Thesis statement

6.1. In recycling there are different things we can recycle, different processes for the various materials, and many different reasons we should recycle.

7. If we dont recycle then there will be more waste

8. Where does it go from the houses

8.1. brought to a recycling center

8.2. recycling center is a factory that processes and ships all the recyclables to the correct plant

8.3. gets to the facility and goes up a conveyor belt and sorted by hand so it ensures proper shipping and recycling

8.3.1. sort plastic sorted one on the bottom for PETE (Polyethylene terephthalate) or the rest of the containers listed 2 3,4,5,or 7 for HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

8.3.2. sort glass sorted into three types green brown clear

8.3.3. sort between steel and aluminum steel is picked up by a magnet the end of the conveyor belt is a earth magnet that repels aluminum and shoots the aluminum off the belt to a bin and disposible waste is disposed of

8.3.4. paper paper cardboard

8.4. Then sold to merchants to be made into new products


9. what can you recycle

9.1. paper

9.1.1. newspaper

9.1.2. office paper

9.1.3. cardboard

9.2. glass

9.3. aluminum

9.3.1. pop cans

9.4. plastic

9.4.1. detergent or milk jugs marked with a 2 on the bottom

9.4.2. 2-liters of pop are marked with a 1 on the bottom

10. how many pieces of paper comes from a tree

10.1. 24 trees equals 1 ton of office paper

11. The map