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DD303 Cognitive Psychology by Mind Map: DD303 Cognitive Psychology
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DD303 Cognitive Psychology

Ch 1 Foundations of Cognitive Psychology

2. What is cognitive psychology?

3. A brief history of cognitive psychology

4. Science, models and the mind

Chapter notes by Tim Holyoake,

Perceptual Processes

Ch 2 Attention

Ch 3 Perception

Ch 4 Recognition


Ch 5 Working Memory

Ch 6 Long Term Memory: Encoding to retrieval

Ch 7 Autobiographical Memory and the Working Self

Concepts and Language

Ch 8 Language Processing

Ch 9 Concepts

Ch 10 Language and Thought


Ch 11 Problem Solving

Ch 12 Judgement and Decision Making

Ch 13 Reasoning

Challenges for Cognitive Psychology

Ch 14 Cognition and Emotion

Ch 15 Conciousness

Ch 16 Applying Cognitive Psychology


DD303 Methods Companion


Ch 1 Ethics

Ch 2 Neuroimaging

Ch 3 Cognitive neuropsychology

Ch 4 Quantitative methods

Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology Coolican, H (2009)