Kayla's Portfolio

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Kayla's Portfolio by Mind Map: Kayla's Portfolio

1. Tortoise and the Hare

1.1. Standard 1

1.1.1. New node

1.2. SWLO: Critical thinking

1.3. We were instructed to chose a famous old fable, and re-write it in our own way. I chose the tortoise and the hare because it was one of my favorites as a a child.

2. Religion (Islam) Project

2.1. Standard 3

2.2. SWLO: Work ethic, collaboration and communication

2.3. Our class was researching the different types of religion, and my group got Islam. There was about 5 other religions that other groups got. In this project, we had to create a visual representation presenting the following information about Islam:

3. Biology Brochure

3.1. Standard 4, B.1.9

3.2. SWLO: Work ethic and communication

3.3. The biohealth brochure was part of the project called Food Bourne Illnesses. In this project, we had to make 3 things to present to the class. I made a powerpoint, a brochure, and a poster.

4. Essay Comparison

4.1. My School

4.2. Harmless Entertainment

4.3. Service Learning

4.4. These three essays were written in the website criterion.ets.org. This is a website we go to and write timed essays about certain topics.

5. Personal Webpage

6. Conclusion

7. Introduction

8. Organelles

8.1. Standard 7 10.7.4

8.2. SWLO: Work Ethic, Collaboration and communication

8.3. In this project we had to explain and show how plant cells and animal cells differed. We had to get in groups of four, and together we had to create a visual representation to show the differences. We chose to create

9. Spanish Project

9.1. Standard 1 and 7; 10.7.4

9.2. SWLO: Critical thinking, work ethic

9.3. We were instructed to create project in Spanish about ourself, which included our age, what we like/dislike, and four words that describe who we are and what we are like. I created a powerpoint about myself, and four of my friends.

10. Odyssey Adventure Essay

10.1. Standard 10.6.3

10.2. SWLO: Work ethic

10.2.1. New node New node

10.3. In the beginning of the year, we were on a lesson about the Odyssey. This is the story of one hero's survival and his adventure. We were to write a story of the Odyssey adventure, but we were to re-write it in our own way.

11. Interim Assesment 5A

11.1. Standard 101.1

11.2. SWLO: Work ethic, problem solving

11.3. Interim Assessment 5A was a test we had to take to see how far we have got in our reading comprehension skills. We had to read a piece called, "Justices at Work" and we had to answer six questions at the end.

12. Slavery Webpage

12.1. This is the webpage I made about slavery in Egypt. I made this whole thing myself.